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The PEC Super DAF separator provides effective removal of suspended solids, fats, oils and greases from liquids using dissolved air flotation (DAF) or dissolved gas flotation(DGF). Typically, removal rates of 90 - 95 percent are achieved with minimal operator attention. We have hundreds of installations throughout China and South Asia, in facilities ranging from refineries to dairies.

DAF and DGF separators, with capacities up to 2,000 gpm, provide a cost-effective rectangular design that can be made of steel or concrete.  Steel-tank DAF and DGF separators can be shop-fabricated and finish-painted, significantly reducing installation time and construction costs.  Both flash mixing and flocculation can be integrated into one unit without the addition of separate tankage.  Float concentrations of up to twenty percent oil and solids can be achieved, eliminating the need for additional thickening equipment normally associated with flotation technology.

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DAF for Effective Separation by Dissolved Air Flotation

Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Petroleum Refineries & the Petrochemical Industry

Separating Fact From Fiction - An explanation of US standards as they apply to oil/water separators and the systems needed to keep them safe.

Calcasieu Refining - Consider fast track solution to increase crude production. (1.9MB pdf)

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